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Romance, mystery, intrigue, treachery, jealousy and love is what

a seventeen year old Brooklyn girl meets. Winning a place as a

soloist in a famous NYC Ballet company, Sarah Rothman discovers

she needs more than talent and ambition to cope with professional

dancers. Contempt, envy, threats and murder follow her at every

leap and turn. She falls crazy in love and discovers her growing-

up self. Book one is Sarah’s journey and contains some sexual

content. It is not for readers under eighteen. Savor the romance!

Follow the mystery and have a fun read. Enjoy!

Patricia Bowman-Stein has created ... the first book in this very intriguing series.

The author was spot on with her descriptions of the 60's, not only in her locations, but dress and dialogue as well.

There is only one problem: we'll have to wait for the second book to get to know the end

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