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Published Books

The Girl on Pointe


Romance, mystery, intrigue, treachery, jealousy and love is what

a seventeen year old Brooklyn girl meets. Winning a place as a

soloist in a famous NYC Ballet company, Sarah Rothman discovers

she needs more than talent and ambition to cope with professional

dancers. Contempt, envy, threats and murder follow her at every

leap and turn. She falls crazy in love and discovers her growing-

up self. Book one is Sarah’s journey and contains some sexual

content. It is not for readers under eighteen. Savor the romance!

Follow the mystery and have a fun read. Enjoy!

Oops A Dead Body

The Valentine’s surprise wasn’t flowers or chocolate.

Maribelle Rosen, a Jewish grandmother and friends, Kate Flannery and Annie Fitzsimmons, also grandma’s but Irish Catholics, discover a murder. This debut cozy mystery contains Irish wisdom and Yiddish humor to soften the threats of their beloved North Hollywood. The ladies run amok at a second homicide. Their friend, Harry Barry has his own masculine theories and interferes. More lady friends enter the fray with differing opinions. Jimmy Choo Shoes and lunches take on more importance than crime. Amid the chaos, Maribelle Rosen vows to find the killer against everyone’s advice, including Detective O’Malley’s. Abandoned and threatened, she birddogs the suspect and gets into trouble. This yenta grandmother won’t quit. Even when she’s called to babysit her granddaughter, she tells her son she can’t because “she’s visiting a neighbor” but neglects to mention, “A neighbor beginning rigor mortis.”

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