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Think Golden Girls in their 60s, still wearing Jimmy Choo and Manola Blanick, meet a man who met his destiny.


Or ...


Some persons try to hit, chase and threaten “these ladies,” criticize their clothes, gossip and tiptoe through romantic tulips.  No lilies or lavender for them!


Then toss in a bit of blarney and Irish lore and you’ve got the tale ... OOPS A DEAD BODY.


Meet Maribelle Rosen, the amateur sleuth, and friends Kate Flannery and Annie Claire Fitzsimmons, who aid and abet but not always “going my way” in the right direction to catch the killer or killers.

... a fun, entertaining and intelligent mystery that hooks you from the start!

Laurel Haberman

Enjoyed this mystery immensely, great characters, funny moments with tons of local references.

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Just finished reading OOPS A Dead Body and couldn't put it down. Read it in two evenings!

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