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The Girl on Pointe

     Sarah Rothman is seventeen and entering the competitive, professional world of a famous New York City ballet company.  It’s 1965 and most girls in her Brooklyn neighborhood get married following high school or go to college searching for a man to marry.  Or work in an office, get engaged within six months and marry a co-worker.

     Sarah defies her Jewish, immigrant family and chooses a career.  She falls in love with an eligible, gorgeous bachelor “wearing a three-piece suit and driving a Bentley,” says Mama.

     “Such a find,” adds Sarah's Russian-born grandmother, her Bubbe who wed at fifteen.  Sarah’s father agrees: “If you don’t marry David Katz, I will.”

     Along the way, Sarah meets indifference among cut-throat company dancers, discovers contempt, jealousy, a threat to her life ... and murder.  The man who adores her holds powerful secrets he will never tell.  And as Sarah prepares for a new ballet in which she dances the leading role, more obstacles hamper her success.  Including the Russian choreographer who can’t speak English and can’t keep his hands or lips to himself whenever they’re alone.

     “The only thing we can be certain of is change,” says her father.  “I couldn’t agree more,” Sarah giggles.

     Book One is Sarah’s discovery of life and love.

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